Angela Provost - Professional Real Estate Photographer with Coastline Marketing Inc.

Angela Provost

Angela Provost is a professional real estate and business photographer, certified drone pilot and virtual Matterport specialist and videographer.

She has a diverse range of photographic and real estate experience. Her fascination with people and places has led her to travel to Scotland, Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, and Bosnia to name a few to capture the lives of people and the structures they live in.

Angela is fascinated with real estate and as an investor and landlord, and she has a real eye for capturing the essence of a home.

Excellent Track Record

Angela Provost has photographed over a thousand houses to help Realtors® and their clients realize hundreds of thousands of more dollars in the sale of their home. She applies a practiced eye to selecting the very best photos, and she takes great pride in making sure Realtors® portfolios are top-notch.

She can do all the work in one session to generate photographs, Matterport 3D tours, aerial photos and floorplans.

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