Mathieu Powell - CEO of Coastline Marketing Inc.

Mathieu Powell

Mathieu is a versatile marketing professional who excels in various domains. With expertise in writing, graphic design, photography, and videography, he utilizes these four mediums to discover and share captivating narratives. Whether it’s capturing the essence of a person’s life, documenting a business’s growth, or showcasing the design of a home, Mathieu skillfully uncovers the story.

He firmly believes that our stories serve as powerful tools for connection and unity. Recognizing that every individual, business, and architectural space has a unique tale to tell, Mathieu employs his talents to unearth these narratives. Through his work, he aspires to build bridges and create a sense of common ground among diverse audiences.Ā 

Excellent Track Records

Mathieu’s success is defined by his unwavering enthusiasm, relentless determination, and a keen understanding that content must drive sales. These qualities have propelled him to achieve remarkable results not only within his own company but also those he and his team work with.

If you seek to elevate your business, captivate audiences and draw new customers, Mathieu and his team possess the skills and strategies to make it a reality.