Content Marketing, SEO & Social Media

Organic Marketing Digital Age (OMDA) means a combination of Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. These three strategies are the heavy hitters which will get your website and landing pages to show up in front of your potential customers. The following articles provide some guidance.

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Content Marketing Still the King in the Digital Age

If there is any doubt about the crown content wears in the digital arena, your business may not be showing up as well as it could. Content is King, however, the power of the king has been curtailed. Especially as it impacts local SEO.

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Social Media Strategy That Works in 2021

One given for social media marketing is how quickly the rules can change. What worked last year is not working today. The big four social media platforms continually innovate. Facebook has changed the rules for advertising on their platform. Twitter has attracted much more B2B business. Linkedin has launched their Stories platform to facilitate company brand introduction. Learn more about what works in 2021 and call us if we can be of help.